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Inditto Launches the inTympany Cloud Sponge

1/11/2011 Berwyn, PA - InDitto LLC launched its completely innovative application, the inTympany Cloud Spongetm, that enables clients to gather relevant intelligence from the web based on a user defined topic or phrase.  The Clound Sponge acts as both a listening engine to identify and capture any social media conversation, and as a research tool that automates the capture of information from the web.  Management is developing a web-based application that will provide users with a workflow tool to process, analyze, and report on findings.  The initial market for the product is expected to be with public relations firms, private equity firms, and banks who have an urgent and demonstrated need get information from hard to find places in advance of the general public.


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Julip Run Invests in JD Investment Company, LLC

10577696-836x836Julip Run Capital has formed an alliance with Jerry Flanagan, an army veteran who founded JDog Junk Removal. The business is a franchising operation that sells the JDog Junk Removal system exclusively to military veterans and their family members. Junk removal is extremely profitable and provides an excellent means for veterans to realize the dream of business ownership.  "We are extremely excited about the prospects for the business, and the opportunity to help military veterans and their families" said Chris Debbas, senior partner of Julip Run Capital.  "We have likened the business to a movement" says Jerry Flanagan, referring to the effort of signing on franchisees among military vets, "and we are asking everyone to Join the JDog Movement"!   Plans are set to sell franchises across the U.S. and to become a leading provider of junk removal and hauling services.  The Company will donate 10% of its net income to a veteran organization as defined by the franchisees.