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Julip Run employs a strategy
with four primary elements to create substantial equity value for our partners and generate better than average returns for our investors. 




         Primary Elements

We Originate
—Rather than passively invest in business opportunities that are forwarded to us by investment bankers and brokers, and rather than compete in business sale auctions that seek the highest price, we instead rely upon our extensive networking capability to originate unique, niche, business opportunities.  Whether its leveraging relationships of people whose businesses we have bought in the past or capitalizing on professional relationships that are familiar with our model, or relying upon our internal industry research capability - we find experts in a given industry who have innovative ideas, partner with them, and develop and refine and business thesis.  Then we proactively seek other businesses to buy to serve as platforms, or we form an entity and create a corporate identity to launch the enterprise. 


We Incentivize—Our approach is to maximize equity participation for our executive leadership team. We've successfully secured more founder's equity for our partners then they would have otherwise received by partners with institutional private equity groups, who usually use options for the management equity incentives.  We accomplish this using capital structures that align all of the interests of all of our partners that assure success through common goals and expectations. 


We Lead Transaction Structuring and Capital Formation—While we rely on our partner CEOs to operate the business enterprise, Julip Run provides the experience and expertise to organize and form the business, structure and diligence transactions, assemble all requisite capital to build the company, and manage the legal process through closing.  We invest our own capital and when necessary call upon our network of over 400 institutional private equity firms, mezzanine lenders, and banks to provide intelligent capital that serves our common objective.


We Participate in Management—Unlike virtually all other private investor groups, Julip Run's Principals always serve in corporate officer capacities, and take on day to day responsibilities in support of the business enterprise.  This role is in addition to their participation as board members, and generally relates to corporate development activity reporting directly to the CEO of the business. 




Strategy Anecdote

Members of Julip Run's team used an innovative capital formation strategy to secure additional call center capacity for one of our portfolio companies.  Rather than secure financing directly from a bank, or raise additional equity, we helped management locate and secure two call centers in partnership with two local municipalities in Arizona.  San Luis, Arizona, and Douglas, Arizona both sponsored the construction of state of the art facilities, purchased the real estate, raised the capital through a municipal debt offering, paid for all of the renovations, and completely outfitted the center including the furniture, telecommunications equipment, and backup power. Our portfolio company committed to hiring employees from the local communities and entered into a long term lease with very little capital expense or outlay. Today each of these centers has the capacity to employ 1,000 people and can service $25 million of business.