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Our mission is to partner with talented CEOs and entrepreneurs and build businesses that have sustainable competitive advantages through scale, execution, or strategic position and can generate higher than average returns for our investors.

Our Founding Partners have worked together for more than fifteen years.
We've successfully established numerous business platforms for which we've deployed over $900 million in capital and executed nearly 60 transactions.

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01/04/2015   CEO Forum

Julip Run maintains relationships with numerous CEOs and entrepreneurs that are currently running companies as well as others seeking opportunities. If you or an individual you know has interest in accessing our network to develop business ideas or to pursue opportunities, contact Chris Debbas for more information. 

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01/04/2015   Areas of Interest

Currently we are seeking businesses to purchase 

in the following industry segments.


  • Service Business Franchising
  • RFID Technology and NFC
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Focused SaaS Businesses
  • Concrete Conditioning Services
  • Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Training
  • Medical Device Manufacturing 
  • Licensed Manufacturing
  • LED Lighting
  • Logistics 
  • Helicopter Maintenance
  • Other Business Services
  • Pad Site Real Estate Investments


Broker Inquiries Welcome.